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Replacement Process

If you're replacing lost, damaged or stolen jewelry, no worries!

We know the process may seem daunting. But rest easy. We've been doing this a long time. We'll attend personally to the details, managing the process with your insurance company and work hard for you.

You’re in control, but leave the details to us

We’ll replace your lost jewelry with a beautiful and accurate re-creation, and handle your insurance claim professionally and quickly. Our goal is to make this process a worry-free, even enjoyable experience for you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We document your piece – We contact you to develop an accurate description of your lost jewelry. We review appraisals, photographs and receipts. We may also meet directly with your insurance claim adjuster.
  2. We consult on the design – We'll then meet with you to review and select suitable replacement items. We look at photos and share drawings. We'll talk about the style, stones, materials and settings we’ll use to accurately re-create your lost jewelry.
  3. You review your options – Based on those details, we’ll determine the replacement cost and discuss your options, which generally involve one of these:
    • Replace all or part of your loss
    • Take the value of your loss and apply it toward other items
    • Take a settlement directly from your insurance company. (Remember that your insurance adjuster must approve the settlement amount.)
  4. You authorize it – If you choose to replace your lost jewelry through Kreps Jewelers, we'll ask you to sign a release authorizing us to bill the insurance company directly for the quoted amount or coverage limit. We’ll collect any deductibles and upgrades directly from you. (Download Release Form)
  5. We make it! – Here’s the really fun part! We source stones and materials from our trusted manufacturing partners, then work with our team of talented artisans to faithfully re-create your lost jewelry piece.
  6. You inspect and approve it – You’ll inspect the new piece to make sure it meets your exacting standards. Remember, our business depends on your satisfaction. If you’re not completely happy, our job is not yet done.
  7. You get a new appraisal – When the piece is complete, we'll issue a new in-depth appraisal with an appropriate retail value to assure proper insurance coverage. (Download Appraisal Example)

Remember, you’re in control. Even if your insurance company initiates the process with Kreps Jewelers, you’re not required to replace your lost jewelry through us. If you already have another trusted and experienced jewelry consultant, we encourage you to talk to them as well. If you choose to replace your lost jewelry through another jewelry consultant, we advise you to settle directly with the insurance company for the quoted price.

Adjusters, you can rest easy too

If you're an insurance company representative, please know that we'll work hard to deliver a finished piece that both delights your customer and minimizes manufacturing costs to achieve the best possible value for their policy benefit.

Please see the Submit a Claim page to initiate the replacement process.

Thank you so much for all of your good work. The bracelet is beautiful and the rings will be enjoyed by the triplets.– Tricia K.
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